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Post  Silent Hunter on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:52 pm

Probably a good idea for us to have this.

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Post  dratliff on Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:20 pm

Yay! Somewhere I can put up my character bio! Smile
Characters thread Damiel1

Name: Damiel Vincent (pronounced either "Day-mee-el" or "Day-myeel")
Alias: None
Age: 30 (said to be 32)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Companion, bodyguard

History: Raquelle Simmons became a Companion long before she ever met her future husband. She had a fine, lucrative career before entering a long-term contract with a man named Ezekial Seisoken on Pelorum. He fell in love and wished to possess her, but she had no intentions of such a thing. When her contract came due for renewal, she denied him more of her time – he had made her very uncomfortable more than once and she felt it was time to take her business elsewhere. Ezekial, deciding that if he couldn’t have her then nobody would, attempted to murder Raquelle. She defended herself, to his astonishment, and received a slash to her face. Ezekiel received a considerable black mark and a report to the Alliance judiciaries of his actions.

She went to Persephone, nearby, and found a doctor to care for her injury, hoping it wouldn’t scar. Alban St. Valentine did what he could for her, but told her plainly that there would always be some form of scarring visible. Alban, from a good family on Londinium originally and taught medically on Osiris, struck up a friendship with Raquelle over the next few days. When she decided to stay on Persephone for a while, he even contracted with her for various outings. Though Raquelle attempted to keep working, so few clients sought her out that she began to worry about her livelihood. The only one who seemed to be regularly paying her was Alban. She finally entered a long term contract with him, to be renewed annually, after he finally lost his aged father. Unfortunately, during the year she was with Alban, she fell in love with him and discovered he’d been in love with her all that time. She had a decision to make and, because her scarring made her unattractive (but not without abilities), that decision to retire was a simple one for her to make.

While working on Persephone, Raquelle had become good friends with another Companion, Lia Xi Feng. When Raquelle retired and married Dr. St. Valentine, Lia felt sad but honored to stand at the wedding. She found solace in the fact the duo settled on Persephone, and she was there when their son was born in 2489. They called him Daniel Michael St. Valentine and made Lia his godmother.

As it happened, Companions were respected members of society; however, a Companion as a wife of a well-off man was slightly less-respected. High society viewed the union with disfavor, and though they tried to ignore the negativity as long as possible over five years, in 2494 they moved to nearby Beaumonde, just outside the city. It was still polluted there, much to Raquelle’s distaste, but Alban had a decent position at the hospital and she worked as both recruitment and teacher on Beaumonde for Companions and beyond. It was a good life, and their son grew up the better for it. He was homeschooled for much of his time, and his mother saw in him the beginnings of a Companion himself. She groomed him for it over time, waiting for his twelfth birthday before sending him to the Core worlds and Sihnon.

In 2499, Something Happened. All Damiel has ever said was that, at ten years of age, his mother Raquelle removed him from practice one evening (as he was playing an Earth-That-Was game called soccer), and hurried him to their transport. Within were all of his things: clothes, photos, his favorite books and toys, everything that he’d really ever considered to be precious to him. She drove him straight to the ships leaving for Persephone and told him where to wait at the other end, and who to wait for – and no other. She then told him how much she loved him, and that she would be back for him as soon as she got his father from work.

“Godma Lia” as she was known to the boy had received a frightened and hurried message of where to go to get him, and that she would have to keep him safe until they arrived. When she arrived to collect her charge, he looked frightened but curious at the world around him. He’d never been off Beaumonde that he could recall. It was a new experience for him. She took him with her to the Companion temples to wait for Raquelle and Alban.

When they didn’t arrive later that day, or the next, she pulled strings. She went to Beaumonde to find out what had happened – and discovered the Dr. and his wife had been brutally, and mysteriously, murdered. The law had no leads, or at least none they were willing to follow up on. When she returned to Persephone, she broke the news to the orphan, and then suggested that he change his name. It would be a new life. She fudged the truth a bit to sign him up as a Companion trainee, saying he was already twelve when in fact he was only ten, and let his mother’s teachings lie for him to make his transition easier. She claimed he was her cousin’s boy, sent to her for training, and from then on, he was Damiel Vincent.

As war seemed inevitable and Persephone rumbled on the side of the Independents, Lia decided to travel to Sihnon and safety. She took Damiel with her to the Core to complete his training in some of the original Houses. If he felt Persephone was something else, then his first impression of Sihnon was that it was mind-blowing for him. He took to his training in earnest during these years and completed it in 2509, during the war. Though considered a quick study by his priestesses and mentors, he was nonetheless only slightly younger than average for completing his training, at 22. The fact he was really 20 at the time would be a secret he would take to his grave if necessary. He watched the way the Independents and Alliance behaved, interacted, and finally wanted to really learn more of why the Browncoats fought against unification. What he got from the Alliance was, of course, filtered – and he was smart enough to realize it. Though he was firmly on the side of the Alliance, he did have some notions he kept to himself, and his curiosity could not be quenched by hearsay. He worked his way back toward Persephone, during which time his ride was involved in a skirmish and taken by the Independents in 2510.

He was left alone at first, given his status as Companion. He simply integrated himself as well as he could amongst them by servicing the men and women who needed his skills. In return, he got his information, and was taught to wield two forms of weapons in self-defense: the gun and the blade. It went against some of his teachings to a degree, given he hadn’t done more than hand to hand combat as a training Companion, but ultimately deemed it necessary given the area he was now in. He was finally left on Persephone several months later when the ship docked. He stayed on the planet learning more about his choices of weaponry and about people in reality rather than in theory. He mixed with both the high and the low, and began to understand why they would fight for freedom at last. When the war ended in 2511, he chose to remain where he was rather than return to Sihnon and richer climes. Part of the duties he had now taken upon himself as a Companion was now that of bodyguard. He wasn’t solely one, however, but simply added it to his available skill-set as a Companion. There would be no hiring him as a bodyguard alone. It implied allegiances that he knew were false. The new Alliance officials sent to Persephone jumped at the chance for a high-class Companion like him just after the war, while tensions were still high. They could be superior while taking advantage of the security he’d bring.

He ran afoul of an Alliance big-wig in 2513 and took a position on a luxury liner soon after. He left the liner in 2515 after having to black-mark the boat Captain, and traveled via shuttles and smaller craft around the Core worlds without settling. Something in his soul just wouldn’t let him stay in one place for long. With the money he got from the Core worlds, he bought his own shuttle in 2518. Linking up with a ship headed to the Rim worlds, which he wanted to experience, Damiel found himself and the bigger ship attacked by pirates halfway there and barely escaped. They limped back into port to the nearest planet for repairs. He was back to Persephone.

And the un-blackened Governor.


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