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Post  Silent Hunter on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:27 pm

Pardon the not entirely perfect English - this is from the previous GM, who isn't a native English speaker. I'll draw up a new summary.

This world went downwards on September 11, 2001 as Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York. Most of the world's countries condemned it.

The USA began immediately planning the war against terrorism. Not much later, the CIA and FBI found evidence of Iraq and Iran financing terrorist camps in Syria, Sudan and Afghanistan.

In December of 2001 USA sent more aircraft carriers and other ships to the Persian Gulf to oversee an embargo.

Despite the cooperation between Iraq and Iran, USA still decided to invade Iraq in an attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein, who has threatened the West with further attacks and is believed to possess mass-destruction weapons as well. Half way through the invasion Iranian Special Forces crossed the border and evacuated Hussein and his government.

In June 2002, Iran and Russia signed a secret treaty to assist Iran with their nuclear program while Russia gained the gas and oil resources in the Caspian Sea.

With the major American fleet in the Persian Gulf, China decided to seize the opportunity to finally invade Taiwan. South Korea and Japan raised their Defense Condition.

The world tensed up quickly. USA's allies sent troops to Iraq to assist while USA moved some ships to the Chinese Sea. Osama Bin Laden is seen in Syria and Israel sent in Israeli Commandos, who assassinate him.

A month later, Muslim terrorists gained and detonated a nuke in Tel Aviv. As response, British paratroopers jumped into Sudan gaining partial control, USA invaded Afghanistan earlier than intended quickly occupying the capital with a loose control and Israel moved into Syria to eliminate the terrorist threats. Israel met heavy resistance at the border and began getting heavy losses by suicide bombers.
Iran declared war on USA on October 11, 2003 while financing ultra-nationalists to overthrow Putin. Soon Russia joined Iran.

On January 1, 2004 a secret meeting is held between Iran, Russia, China and North Korea creating the Axis. Chinese and Russian relations stay friendly, but tense.
On April 1, 2004 allied forces landed troops on the Iranian coast, while further troops crossed the borders from Afghanistan and Iraq. On the same day North Korea surprised the allied by nuking Seoul at 7:00 local time and invading South Korea meeting heavy resistance, while China landed troops on the Japanese coast. USA retaliates three hours later.

Bombs hit Pyongyang, Tripoli and Teheran. Russia and China re-retaliate in 30 minutes, nuking Jerusalem and Baghdad. Then they proceed to attack US forces in Central Asia. Suddenly with no obvious reason Pakistan and India are exchanging nuclear bombs. At war with most communication lost.

"We couldn't believe the day it happened. We saw the nukes turn into mushrooms in the far distant, it felt like an alternative universe. This never happened in the real world. We were unprepared as Russian paratroopers landed in Kuwait and the General ordered our camp to prepare to defend..."

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