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Chief Engineer's Quarters - Deck B Empty Chief Engineer's Quarters - Deck B

Post  Mischa Brendel on Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:24 am

Ryan was almost ready dressing himself after taking a shower, when his cortex informed him that something was happening in engineering. He picked up the electronical device and checked the readings that were neatly showing on the display:

James M wrote: It was not long when Ryan got an alarm on the exhaust manifold, the back pressure rose above specifications causing too much EGR flow into the intake manifold, this caused a soft throttle and loss of power , it was part of the emissions control systems , there was a temperature signal on the primary catalytic converter , then the engine seemed to stumble, misfire then carry right on like nothing happened
All the readings went to normal or near normal, but this turned on the check engine light ,It was time to talk to the engine and show her love

James / GM

"Gorramit!" He was getting pretty pissed off with everything going wrong. Once again it was nothing major, but little things just kept popping up at an alarming rate. He knew he had to get down there again to visually check if everything would hold until they would reach Persephone. Once they were on the ground he would have to open the engine up completely. Hopefully with the help of Brad and all his machinery that wouldn't take too long. Now that he was chief engineer he had a lot more work to take care of than just keeping the engine running and he had to reserve time for these other chores as well.

He sighed and then left his quarters, taking his cortex unit with him. Hopefully he would manage to keep his clothes clean: he was in no mood to change again before dinner.

-Ryan Bow
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