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Post  Mischa Brendel on Sun May 01, 2011 6:07 am


Manufacturer: Omega Custom Designs
Model: 01-001 Ice Drake
Name: Odyssey
Crew: required - Captain, Pilot(sr.), Engineer (sr.)optional - Pilot(jr.), asst. Engineer, Weapons Operator, Sensor Tech, Navigator, Communications Tech., 1 - 8 Gunners, Doctor/Medic
Crew Quarters: 12 single cabins; 1 Captain's, 1 XO's
Passengers: Whatever is left after the crew has taken quarters, 0-11
Dimensions: 230'(crew section 180') x 80' x 40'
Cargo capacity: 60 Tons; Cargo hold A: 30' x 30' , hold B: 20' x 20'
Specific weapons: 8 concealed 76.2mm (3") recoilless guns; range: 1.5 miles, adjustable through 40 degrees. Each magazine contains 20 10lb rounds with auto-loader.
Vehicles which can be stored: One 10 ton shuttle; one mid-size mule
Fuel Capacity: 200 tons (Liquid Hydrogen @ 5 credits/ton) (2,000 hours)
Additional Information: Tonnage: 3,600 tons.

Design History: This ship was originally designed for a Core Worlds mega-billionaire industrialist as his office away from home 60 years ago. It was seized by pirates 40 years ago and has been fallen into a lot of different hands since then, although all of its owners after the original one have been pirates.


Maneuverability/Speed: Superior (6)
Armor: Average (3)
Firepower: Average (3)
Maintenance: Average (3) [may move up to above average with further work]
Sensors and Communications: Below Average (3)
Autopilot/Computers: Average (3)
Redundancy: Below Average (3)
Yearly Maintenance cost: 27,000 credits


The Odyssey is an aerodynamically streamlined vessel capable of atmospheric flight as well as travel in space. It is equally capable of a water as well as a ground landing. The external hull is painted with matte dark gray paint .The ship's fins contain the main landing gear and its machinery. The nose comes to point 10' beyond the front hatch. The ship's small shuttle sits in forward of the crew deck under the ships solar sails.

Cargo Deck:
The Odyssey may be accessed through the forward cargo ramp, which also contains a personnel hatch for use when the larger cargo hatch is not required. Machinery to raise/lower the ramp is located below removable deck grid deck plates in the main hold and in engineering.
The ramps lead directly onto the hold on the lower deck, which is 20' in height and 40' long and sloping from 30' wide to 45' wide. The cargo bay will accommodate up to 60 tons of cargo. The cargo hold deck plates may be raised to allow access to ship's systems and the auxillary fuel pods located between the outer hull and the deck. On the Starboard end of the cargo bay one of the personnel/cargo lifts. This one can be lowered down to the ground beneath the ship, or raised up to the secondary hold on mid-deck.
The mid-ship section of the lower level contains 2 arms/munitions lockers, 8 recoilless, mini-cannons in their own concealed airlocks, and the main hydrogen fuel pod.
The aft third of the lower deck is the engineering section, containing the fusion and pulse drives, grav-spinner, life support, waste disposal, and the ship's computer core and stairs up to the crew deck.

Crew Deck:
The mid-level, or crew deck, contains the Captain and XO's quarters and the 12 crew/passenger cabins. Each of the quarters contain its own fresher and toilet facility.
The forward section has a secondary cargo bay and contains the EVA locker and can contain the ship's mule. Stairs and an elevator lead down to the primary cargo bay.
At the aft of this level is an elevator, and stairs leading down to engineering (starboard) and up to the bridge level (port).
The deck is 10' in height but has 8' head clearance.

Bridge Deck:
The upper deck contains the bridge (pilot, tactical/sensors, nav/comm. & captains stations), the messhall/dayroom, the galley, the pantry, the freezer, the doctor/medics office, the pharmacy and the infirmary. The lift and stairs at the aft end of this deck lead back down to the mid-level.
The deck is 10' in height but has 8' head clearance.

NOTE: All access to the ship via external hatches and ramps, and all internal and external hatches, may be controlled and locked/unlocked from the bridge. All bridge operations can be controlled by one person from the pilot's station.

Design by Lead Engineer Stephen Jones
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