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The Academy
A Proposal by Kevin Diamond

Few places in Joss Whedon’s Firefly Verse inspire as much fear and controversy as the un-named Alliance sponsored Academy that transformed River Tam from a genius young girl into a damaged, unstable killing machine. On the surface this school was an idealistic dream for an aspiring student. It provided an exclusive, challenging and innovative curriculum that would nurture the growth of the Alliance’s most gifted students.

Students were recruited from across the ‘Verse for being exceptional in unique gifts of the mind and body. The students showed signs of mental powers that exceeded those of normal people. After arriving at the Academy, these gifts were cultivated and focused into powers beyond the imagination. Many students received experimental surgical procedures to increase their maximum potential. They were cut off from their parents and the outside world and methodically conditioned to become the unwavering tools of the Alliance.

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Stephen King stated that Salvation and Damnation are the same thing. The talents and gifts of students at the Academy are not necessarily a curse. Many students enjoy the incredible potential and power that comes from their conditioning. They can run faster, jump higher and perform impossible feats. Some view themselves as Gods among mortals. Other students find their conditioning at odds with their view of morality and lose themselves and perhaps their minds in the process. [/size]

This sim follows the lives of students at the Academy during their “education”. As freshmen, their powers are raw and unrefined. As they learn and grow they gain more power, but more conditioning to allow the government to maintain control of their emerging talents. On a day to day basis, the Academy operates like a prestigious private school. They have the little dramas and schemes like any High School environment. There are extra circular activities, sports and student government. However this school is far from normal. The staff by and large are trying to cultivate the incredible gifts of these students into assassins and tools to control the general populace in the Alliance. Field Trips are frequently well controlled outings to allow the students powers to be tested, usually resulting in wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians.

The Academy is a single area sim that is not designed to cross over into the main Phoenix sims. The powers and abilities that players get to explore in this environment are not compatible with normal sims in the Verse. This is a place to play out the extreme characters hinted at by Joss Whedon, but not intended to be commonplace.

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Game Play

The sim takes place on the moon Nebthet, a satellite of Osiris. The sim is confined to the Academy grounds and the small community surrounding the school. On occasion students will take field trips beyond the enclave of the immediate town. By and large the stories take place on the secure school campus.

Players may be students or faculty. As faculty, players will explore their motivation in participating in a very corrupt and amoral environment. Some players can choose to be infiltrators in the faculty trying to uncover the secrets of the school. They can befriend students and try to help those wanting to escape.

Each student will have a specific gift of their choosing that will be cultivated during the sim. These can be psychic powers, physical superiority or any advancement of mind and body they wish. Students will be subject to counseling sessions at the Academy to determine their acceptance of the mental programming and to help push their skills to the next level. How students respond to their training is up to the player. They will be messed with by the faculty. No one gets the exact experience they dream of. Their skills belong to the state, and the needs of the state outweigh the ambitions of the individual.Despite heavy and dark overtones to the sim, there is room for romance, heroism and triumph of the human spirit. There is a semi organized underground movement in the student body to resist what is happening to them. The adolescent drives of rebellion and self actualization push some students to try and escape. Few students have ever been killed by the procedures they must endure, at least not ones run by players. The Academy is an environment for players to explore and interact with. There is no set conclusion, there is no defined final goal for them to achieve. The subplots should engage the player and challenge their characters no matter what their back story or individual objectives should be.


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